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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 20, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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a teen tragically moving car.the incident that led to this tragedy and the lesson his father hopes is learend. whitney will always be in oor hs heartsremembering whitney the pop superstar .. plus- what ex husband bobby brown said after leaving herrfuneral early. and.. what you can do ... to get paid to tweet. 3 3 - harbor live look 3 today is monday, february 20th - president's day.
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because today is presiient's day... there are somee scheduling changes. changes.there will be no bulk trash collection.all citizen convenience ceeters will be closed... including quarantine road landfill.all city buildings are closed with the exception of police heedquarters. 33 3
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3 3 3 3 3 a 13-year old boy tumbles out
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of a car and is struck and killed by happened over the weekend on harford road in parkville.megan gilliland is here with more on what led to this tragedy. good morning patrice,it was saturday night... and michael truluck... was hanging out with friends in the parking lot of autozone... drinking alcohol. family members say it only took one four loko to make the 13 year old violently ill.his motter's boyfriend picked him up... along with his two friindd.but what happened next... is sooething no one in that car will ever forget.when michael pened his door to vomit... he tumbled out of the car and was hit by oncoming traffic. "i had to confirm it with my ow" "he was killed instantly, didn't suffer any and died then and there" theree michael was in 8th grade at parkville middle sccool.his
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family tell us, he was planning on going to highh pchooo and then joining the marines. the driver that hit michael... stayed at the scene.police say, it's unlikely... that driver... will face any ccarges.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. meanwhile loved ones gathered to remember michael ttuluck. truluck.frieeds and family ...shared memmries ... here at the auto zone on harffrd oad. the crowd held up candles and signs honoring his memory. michhel's mother was overcome with emotion... devastated by phe loss of her son. "i've ost the only son, i'm never gonna have...because they're going to party, it's sad its very sad and i don't want to see another family have to go through this" this"friends say they will remember michael for hii loving and caring nature. a parkville man is charged with the murder of a rosedallemaa. man.just after two saturday morning... officcrs were called to maid-stone court in
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rosedale where they found 35-year old erwin whaley... who had been shot. he was taken to bayview medical center where he later died. 32-year old mmurice white is charged with the crime. no word yet n a motive forrthe murder. 3 the jury in the george hugley murder trral will begin deliberating later this week. the defense and prosecution rested their case in a rare saturday sessionnin charlottesville.defense attorneys representing the former u-v-a lacrosse player are seeking a lesser verdict from jurors thaa first-degree murder.... in the 2010 death of cockeysville native yeardley love. during closing arguments... defense attorney dave chapman said love was killed in a drunken, jealousy fueled rage. deliberations are set to begin on wednesday. 3 fox 45 has brought you every deveeopment of the yeardley love murder trial. we'll continue round the clock coverage as deliberations begin. joy will beeback in the courtroom with live reports. you can keep up with the trial on our website at fox baltimore dot com or with our mobile aap. as with
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all our ccntent, our trial coveraae is absolutely free. 3 the marylanddhouse of delegates passes a bbll legalizing same ssx marriage.. but only by thinnest of margins. house members voted 72-67 to pass the bill friday.the house was a long-standing major hurdle for same sex marraige supporrers. the vote sets the stage for maryland to become the next legaaize everyyne is appy with the idea. "we are thrilled once this passes the senate and the governor approves it, it will be legal in our home state" state""with over three thousand chuches represented, with probably 3.2 million people, we are going to take this the bill now heads to the senate whereeit's expected to pass. governor o'malley suuports it, and is expected to sign it into law.that would make maryland the seventh state to legalize same sex marriage... not including
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washington d-c. there is already talk of starting a petition drive to put the same-sex marriage bill to a statewide can get more inffrmatioo by going to our website, foxbaltimore dot com.look for "same-sex marriage petition" under hot topics.once you're there... should go o referendum" in the message box and you'll be put on a list to receive information. 3 rick santorum is taking shots at president obama - over his "" "values."it's about some phony ideal. some phony theology. the bible, a different theology theologysantorum stirred up controversy with those remarkss.... and they're prompting a strongly worded response from the obama camp. gibbs says: "we question character and faith. it's wrong. i can't help but think those remarks
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are well over the line. it's wrong, it's destructive, it makes it virtually impossible to solve the problems we all face as americans." pmericans." santorum strikes back... by deeenning his comments. santorum says: "i've repeatedly said i don't question the president's faith, i've repeatedly said i believe the president's christian, but i am talking about his world view, the way he approaches problems in this " country"meanwhile republicans will compete in nine primaries and four caucuses between february 28th many workers in d-c are back &pat work today for the first time since an attempted suicide bombing at the capitol. amine el-khalifi... was arrested on friday... on pis way to carry out his attack.but it turns ouu people were never in any danger.for the last year... el khalifi thought he was meeting with al-qaida associates, but it was all part of an unnercover sting. federal agents were monitoriig him... and waited for him to attempt an attack before moving in to arress him. meanwhile.. things
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community in alexandria.... where it's believed el-khalifi was living. it just goes to show you ou never know who your neighbors a. are. court apers show the targets of the attempted attack included a restaurant and a synagogue. it's your last day to get those eeergy efficient items in maryland with no state tax. joel d. smith is at best buy in towson, to show you how to save even more, if you act today. good morning joel d. - 3
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3 3 women under 30... are having more kids out of wedlock. that's according to an article in the new york times.tte
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research group "child trends"... finds caucasian women in their 0's... who have some college education but noo a 4-year degree... are among the fastest-growing group.however... tte article cites the majority of college graduates are still maarying bbfore having kids. elizabeeh smart is waking up a newlywed.the 24-year old got married in a private ceremony over the weekend... in may recall... smart made national from herrutah home in 2002.9 d - months later... she was found. the magazine reports the couple will go on a honeymoon before returning to salt lake city to live. comedian stephen colbert is expected to be back in the chair today... o resume the taping of his late-night show. comedy central abruptly halted production of "the colbert report" laat weeks... because of the ailing heaath of his 91-yeaa-old mother.colbert saying quote - "my family and i would ike to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers. we are grateful and toucced by your conccrn."
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edition... whitney houston... is laid to rest. rest.she's gone, but never forgn forgottena look at her poignant funeral over the weekend...and what her ex- husband ... bobby brown told and audience over the weekend... about his late ex-wi. ex-wife. ((break 1))
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parts offvirginia ot hit with the first ignificant snowfall of the season sunday.a little more than an inch of snow fell in roanoke.while much of it hasn't stuck to the roads... it causes several flight delays because of low visibility. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 83 at 137 map fiber map
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695 at 40 map
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3 like to tweet, post a status... and "pin" something? something?tte jobs that will pay you to do... just that... and the cities that are hiring. hiring.whitney will always be in our hearts heartswhitney houston makes her final journey home over the fans are remembering the late inger... and where she's taking her final resting place. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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whitney houston's "home going" ended with a private family burial at fairview cemetery in westfield, new jersey sunday. she waa remembered y friends, family, memorial service on onal saturday... at her childhood church in newark. barbara hall has the latest on whitney houston's journey "home". 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- whitney houston's "coming hearse carrying houstoo's body arrived at fairview cemetery in new jersey sunday morning. sundaa's private family burial follows a star-studded invitation-only memorial service on saturday. we feel
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the pain is the suddeness of . - whitney's transition and yet she lived to be 48. memorial ggests, like oprah winfrey and gayle king, attended a reception at the newark club immediately following the husband bobby brown left saturday's service early -- but said in a statement, and at a new editton ccncert, that he will continue to pay respects to his ex-wife.i wanna give blessings to my ex-wife, whitney houston. i love you. and wwile the were private, fans still gatheree to commemorate the pop idol. it's a celebration of life. she's gone, but never forgotten. whitney will always be in oor heartsi was actually shocked beccuse i grew up on whitney listening to her music, it's all i listened to at myyhome. when i
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found out she was dead i felt like part of me died as well. i felt i knew her through her pusichouston has een laid to rest next to her father. but there'ssno rest for learn exactly what caused the star's untimely death.i'mm barbara hall reporting. -----end-----cnn.script- straight ahead... an e-s-p-n employee is off the job for writing an offensive headline about basketball sensation, jeremy lin. the derogatory wordd used... aad why jeremy lln.. isn'' upset over it. it.some employers are placing a very large significant emphasis on social media and they just value the profession. profession.and loooing for a everyday ... that you can get paid foo.and the best places to look. ((break 3)) 3
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pheir title, but iffthey don't, other key words include -- digital marketing poject manager-- online marketing manager-- brand manager-- or p-p-c specialist.of course you''l waat to make sure that your skills outside of soccal media are a good fit for an employer is inaccurate to have the assumption that if you've got a lot of facebook friends, that you're going to get paid a lot of money just for doing that. he onward search survey found salaaies for the most experienced professionaas in the top markets, as high as 117 thousand dollars annually. i'm karin caifa, and you're now, clicked in. -----end----- coming up... the celebration... begins. begins.nats of parade swing...find out the celebrity wearing the crown as the "king of bacchus" this year. year.a teen tragically
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ñññó theenew witnssee in the on ox 45 news at 5:30.
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